Another Potter Novel? JK Rowling Says, ‘Maybe’

Harry Potter #7So if you haven’t heard, JK Rowling has said that she occasionally gets “weak” enough to say yes to an eighth Harry Potter novel. She says, however, that any further novels set in the world of Diagon Alley et al would not focus on Harry himself. Small miracles happen every day, I guess.

The author in me is half in awe and half bitter at the news. On one hand, it is very rare for a writer to be able to earn so much money on their work. I would be tempted to milk that popularity for all it’s worth too. On the other more acrimonious hand, JK Rowling is a freaking millionaire already. She doesn’t need it. Maybe she could– I don’t know… Pass off the torch to another fantasy author who might actually need to pay the rent? (Ms. Rowling, please keep in mind that if you do decide to pass off that torch, I’m available.)

The avid reader in me is torn as well on this news. I’d thought the series over and done. Things were all wrapped up neatly with a pretty little bow. I’d let go. I had moved on. To hear there may be more… Well, that is both blessing and curse. I was never overly fond of the Harry Potter craze anyway, despite being fond of the books themselves. As a matter of fact, I read the first few books only at great reluctance and only because so many people I knew loved them so well.

In any case, Rowling has said to “give it ten years” and so there may not be any additional news soon. But you never know. I’m sure the speculation at least will be entertaining.

2 Replies to “Another Potter Novel? JK Rowling Says, ‘Maybe’”

  1. I though it was over too. I'd really only be interested if she wrote about the Mauraders Era and even then I have such a defined story in my own head that it probably wouldn't live up to what I was expecting. Plus JKR has said so many times that she wouldn't write another book about HP so hopefully she'll stick to that.

  2. On the one hand, I say, "It's over, let it be. You've made enough money on it!" yet on the other hand I say, "YIPPEE!!"


    See what happens, I guess.


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