WIN a Copy of White Witch, Black Curse!

Ok, guys and ghouls – I managed to somehow end up with two hardcover copies of Kim Harrison’s newest release, White Witch, Black Curse. Simce I’m keeping one for my greedy self, I’m willing to send my extra copy to one of you.

Here are the rules:

  1. I can only mail the book to continental US addresses. If you’re international and you have a great American friend who’d forward the book to you, then feel free to enter. I’ll send it to you (or your friend) with delivery confirmation. If you’re mailing to a friend, once it’s in their possession, you’re on your own.
  2. Contest will run through 11:59 PM April 1st, 2009. Winners can expect their prize within 1-4 weeks after that (depending on the post office and my own laziness – I won’t lie to you.)
  3. Winner will be chosen randomly.
  4. Duplicate entries will disqualify you.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. Try to make it constructive. Tell me why you like Kim’s books, why you deserve to win, or continue on from the last contest and give me your favorite Hollows swear.

Good luck.

3 Replies to “WIN a Copy of White Witch, Black Curse!”

  1. Hey, Kia!

    I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you getting me hooked on this series! I’m only a few pages into Dead Witch Walking but I am enjoying it. So thanks! This makes a nice diversion from the retarded Book Club pick for this month.


  2. Well… I’m not sure how deserving I am after winning the last one but I’ll say this:

    I loved the Dead Witch Walking and have started reading the second book on my phone. If I had WWBC in my possession, it would definitely prompt me to buy everything in between to help fill some space on the bookshelf I have to buy to hold the overflow from my other bookshelves…

    I’ll be pixied if it wouldn’t! *nod*



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