New Ideas

I’ve come to realize that short posts are better than no posts at all, yes?

I was at dinner yesterday with my husband, J – more often referred to by me as ‘the Artist’ – and we always have the best, most ridiculous conversations. We’ve come up with ideas for TV shows, terrible (but funny) band names, stories & novels, web comic shorts, and many other things.*

So we were at dinner, and began talking about what it would be like if Greek & Roman mythology overlapped our own modern times & technology. How would our current news outlets report the kidnap of a woman by a bull? Or an assault on a city by a large wooden horse?

We decided, of course, that the only way this mythology would get reported on in the current day would be by the supermarket tabloids. I think the best headline we came up with was: “Hot Chick Turns Into Giant Spider”. Which, of course, made me nearly snort cherry coke out of my nose.

The idea kind of took hold and made me think about writing as a fun and joyful thing for the first time in awhile. So I spent last evening paging through an old copy of Edith Hamilton and making notes.

So be on the lookout for a brand new (and ongoing) project from me, which should be linked here soon. I can’t wait to see how some old school mythology would be received in modern times!

*One of these days I’ll get around to buying a digital voice recorder so we can record these ridiculous & hilarious brain-storming sessions. We forget more ideas than we come up with, most of the time.