Top 10 Reads of 2009

As I posted on Twitter:

Let’s start with #10: Hands-down Best Cover Art of 09 is @nicolepeeler ‘s TEMPEST RISING.

#9 for Best Paranormal Romance & Gratuitous & Mysterious Use of Octopi in 09: @gailcarriger ‘s SOULLESS.

#8 Our Runner Up (really, it’s a tie) for Best YA of 2009: @lilithsaintcrow ‘s STRANGE ANGELS.

#7 is our other Best YA of 2009: Kim Harrison’s ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY.

#6 Flat-Out Best Superhero(es) of 2009: @caitkitt & @jackiekessler ‘s BLACK & WHITE

#5 Runner Up Best Twist Ending @dianarowland ‘s MARK OF THE DEMON

#4 Best New (as in, not already incredibly over-done) Supernatural Being:: Faith Hunter’s SKINWALKER.

#3 Best Twist Ending (Um. EVER!) @rRob_Thurman ‘s TRICK OF THE LIGHT. (Also check out Cal & Niko’s series!)

#2 Forget sparkles! The Best Vampire of 2009 was @jayewells ‘ RED HEADED STEP CHILD!

#1.5 (OK, I lied about there being only 10) Honorable Mention for just plain being a cool story: @PVBrett THE WARDED MAN

And #1: The Best Traditional Fantasy of 2009: Patrick Rothfuss’ THE NAME OF THE WIND!