Reading Meme – Day Sixteen

Day 16 – Your guilty pleasure book

This is a pretty tough choice, since I don’t consider any book “guilty”, no matter how pleasurable it may be.

Although I suppose that I must say that audio books in general are my “guilty” pleasure, as I enjoy listening to them at my job while I’m working.

Two of the audio books that I like the best are Jim Butcher’s Dresden series, as well as JK Rowling’s Harry Potter.

If I had to choose a “guiltier” pleasure, then it’d have to be Harry Potter. You see, I managed to get my hands on the British versions and I love the reader’s accent and the differences in language.

Sometimes, after spending 6 or 7 hours listening to this series, I end up with a bit of an accent. So if you see me start to call things ‘git’, then you know I’ve been reading Harry again.

And that’s my guilty little reading pleasure. What’s yours?