Reading Meme – Day Twenty-Eight

Day 28 – First book obsession

What counts as an “obsession” really? The first book that lead me to buy everything else the author ever wrote? Wow. If you look at it that way (and I hadn’t until I wrote that just now) then my first book obsession was:

I bought this book when it was first published way back in 1992. It was one of the few books I was allowed to buy (we weren’t poor, but weren’t rich and I tore through books like a hurricane), and every time I was allowed another I chose one from this author. This may actually be the very first series I had where the books were new and not hand-me-down or borrowed from the library.

I read the entire Secret Circle series, followed by The Vampire Diaries (you children didn’t really think the whole TV series was a new thing, did you?), then The Forbidden Game and The Darkest Powers. And I tried to love the Night World series just as much, but it is (as far as I am aware) still unfinished.

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  1. Awww yaaaay LJ Smith! I think I read her NW books first, probably Spellbinder and then tore through everything else she every wrote. I was never able to find her two childrens books though. BTW, she is writing again and planning on finishing Strange Fate but from what I've read it's….scary. I prefer to remember her old writing.

    1. I've seen at the bookstore that she's been putting out new Vampire Diaries stories. I've been meaning to pick some up. So you're saying this new stuff doesn't compare well?

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