Reading Meme – Day Twenty-two

Day 22 – Favorite ending/climax

The problem with this question is the fact that so many of the books I read are parts of series, and the endings to books in a series aren’t quite as satisfying as those at the very end of a story.

So I’m going to go classic with this one and say my favorite ending is the one in Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend.

It’s very, very different from either of the ones they came up with for the recent film starring Will Smith, so if you haven’t read this I recommend you do so.

It’s a dark ending, of course, but very fitting for the story. In my opinion, without this ending, the title is no longer even appropriate. So give it a try, it’s fairly short so it shouldn’t be too strenuous.

[P.S. – I really, really wish the person who had borrowed this book from me would return it. Just sayin’.]