DéJàWriMo – Day 5 Check In

So we’re five days into our sixty-two day journey of DéJàWriMo. How have you been doing?

I’ve been doing… not great, to be honest. For the first two days, I wrote nothing. On the 3rd day (Friday), I wrote a couple hundred words longhand on a break at work. Yesterday (the 4th), I concentrated on some knitting projects I’ve been working on instead.

That brings us to today. I’m pretty darned happy with today. I typed up the stuff I’d written longhand and added roughly 2000 more words.

Here’s a word count progress meter, courtesy of Writertopia. Tell me in the comments how your novel is coming along.

3 Replies to “DéJàWriMo – Day 5 Check In”

  1. I have…around 2000 words. They're all written for a short story I've had banging around my head for a while now, so we shall see where it goes. No work on the novel I started with NaNoWriMo, yet. Or the one I started in the spring. 🙂 But hey! Writing! Even a little is good, right?

  2. Yeah, don't feel bad! I've written ~175 words. Every time I sit down at my computer in the evening, I almost immediately fall asleep. Hang in there!

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