What I’ve Been Up To

My attempt at making tiny clay animals led to my purchasing some acrylic paints. A sale at Michael’s led to… Well. This.


I’m rather proud of this one, although it’s not finished. It got too wet, so I’m taking a break for it to dry some. A really cool bit is that I had some glow in the dark paint I used on the moon.

This next one I’m less proud of, but it was actually my first one, so not bad for a first try, I guess?


Both of these were painted along with/inspired by some tutorials I found on YouTube channel called Pandemonium Art Videos.

It was a bit harder for me, since my canvas is 5″x7″ and they tend to work on 12″x16″, but I made it through. Think I need a better quality of paint, though.

What have you all been up to lately?