What is Waiting For Fairies?

Have you ever had that feeling that there was more to the world than the physical? Or even just wished that there was? Go stand deep in a summer wood, among the green and gold tiger strips of sunlight and leaves. Hold your breath and listen. Does your imagination start to churn? THAT is what waiting for fairies means. Look for the magic the world contains; don’t wait for it to come to you.

So pick up a book and come away with us…

Waiting for Fairies reviews…

Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Thriller, Speculative Fiction, and YA with these elements.  We like short fiction, long fiction, anthologies, novellas or novellettes. And we’ll take ’em in hard copy or digital. We’re not picky.

Digital copies will not be shared. Review copies will not be sold (but may be given away in contests – excluding digital copies unless arranged with publisher/rights-holder in advance).

Who are you?

My name is Melissa Tabon. I’ve been reading for going on three decades now and writing for almost as long. I love a great story – whether it’s got a kick-ass female or a snarky male lead. (Think Kim Harrison’s The Hollows or Jim Butcher’s Dresden series.) Give me the written word version of a summer blockbuster: heart-pumping action and a twist ending that’ll blow the mind. Barring that, I’ll take some sarcasm, humor, wit, or a unique take on an old trope. I prefer my romance realistic, which means not everyone always gets a HEA (Happily Ever After).

About My Reviews

  • Due to time constraints or genre preferences, I occasionally have guest posts. If you’d like to guest post at WFF, please email me at kiara at our url (waitingforfairies) dot com.
  • Unsolicited review copies are not guaranteed a review. Review copies in general, while very much appreciated, also are not guaranteed a positive review.
  • Review copies are not guaranteed a review within a specific time period. I will try to review the book by the release date, or shortly thereafter, or by a date you specify when possible.

WFF Rating System

My ratings system is a range of anywhere from 0 to 5 stars. This includes quarters of a star. This is a general representation of what the number of stars given in a review means, and is subject to change at whim:

Five Stars: Means that I will be lining up on release day to get this author’s next book. Five star books are re-read-able and will be kept nearby on my shelf for future enjoyment.

Four Stars: Means that I enjoyed the book, and would be willing to read another by the same author. I may or may not be buying the next book on release day, but I do play to buy it. These books also have re-read potential.

Three Stars: Means that while I enjoyed this book, I may or may not be picking up the next one. These books are great to read once. This is the group I call “beach reads”.

Two Stars: Means that this book wasn’t for me. If I think it might be enjoyable to a certain kind of reader, I will say so in my review. I won’t be buying more of this author’s work without a strong endorsement from a close friend.

One Star: These books aren’t for me, and I can’t think of anyone I’d recommend them to either.

Zero Star: This is an un-rating for books I wasn’t able to finish. Most of the time, unless I was given an ARC, these reviews won’t be posted at all.

Quarter Star Ratings: Are arbitrary and mostly dependent on how excited I am by the story when I finish. The “full star” part of the rating will still fall into the above categories, to a lesser or fuller degree.

**Reviews prior to April 2010 may follow this rating system in more general terms.

About Twitter

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  1. Thanks for following me! I’m flattered you think I say something worth listening to.
  2. I can’t follow-back everyone and I don’t intend to try. Sorry about that.
  3. But I do and will respond back to @replies as much as possible.
  4. If I get boring, feel free to unfollow. I don’t track that stuff, because my ego isn’t that big (or maybe I just don’t want to know??).  I promise not to be offended, either way.

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