Dragon*Con 2010

Ah, Dragon*Con! (Click the banner for link-y if you don’t know about Dragon*Con, you poor soul, you!) How do we love thee? I’m not going to count the ways, because I’ve got a dragon-sized headache today.

Though I will say that this year will be my third at Dragon*Con, or D*Con as it’s affectionately known.

My first year was back in 2005, when I spent the weekend following my dear elder (self-adopted) sister around like a puppy, mostly hitting up Wheel of Time Track panels and getting hopelessly lost. The highlight of that year was getting to meet, speak to, and get an autograph from Robert Jordan. Sadly, Mr. Jordan has since passed away; that panel & signing will be among my best D*Con memories. (That, and the Varsity at close-to-midnight, feeling like I had somehow found my way onto the set of The Fast & The Furious.)

In 2006, I returned – then fianc√© in tow – and, since all of our friends were going to be there anyway, we went ahead and got married, too. I’d give you the highlights, but I honestly don’t remember much. I was kind of a nervous wreck that weekend. I do remember having lots of laughing friends around me, and a supportive set of not-parents (who I’m still trying to think up a way to repay), and that’s all that really matters, right?

So 2010 will be our triumphant return to Atlanta. I know, it would’ve made more of an impact to wait until our 5 year anniversary. But we’re impatient. So sue us.

With that said, I’m very excited to be heading back to Atlanta. I’ve got a huge assortment of things that I want to see this year. I’m not famous enough to be on any panels, but here’s a list of a few things I want to attend.

2010 Dragon*Con Sort-of Schedule

Thursday 9/2: We’ll be arriving sometime Thursday afternoon & hope to get registered before the big crowds. The last time we were there, I remember long lines to get through, but I hope D*Con’s management has found a better way to hand out badges. (I’m crossing my fingers but not holding my breath!)

Friday 9/3: I’d really like to see the Coca-Cola Museum this time around (60 varieties of Coke! *swoon!*), so I’m hoping to do that Friday morning, since most tracks don’t get geared up until Friday afternoon. At 5pm, there’s a Dragon*Con Tweetup in the Lobby of the Hilton. After that, I’m looking kind of open… Anyone (who’s not a homicidal murderer) want to tag along for dinner?

Saturday 9/4: There’s a ton of stuff to do!

  • 10AM is the Dragon*Con parade! If you’re going, you don’t want to miss this. I know it’s early, but get up for it – you won’t regret seeing all of nerd fantasy-dom taking over downtown Atlanta!
  • At 11:30AM, there’s going to be a YA Lit Craft Hour (Marriott-707). Since I’m all crafty and stuff, I’m intrigued – if I can make it!
  • Cherie Priest is also doing a 1-hour autograph session at 11:30AM (Marriott-M301-M304), and I’d really like to get my copy of Boneshaker signed.
  • Then, at 1PM, Brandon Sanderson is doing a Q&A session on the new Wheel of Time book, Towers of Midnight (Hanover C-E). That’s one thing I don’t want to miss! Remind me to tell you sometime how I met my husband because of WoT!
  • I have a conflict at 2:30PM, because Cherie Priest is doing her Clockwork Century panel (Westin – International C) at the same time as Jackie Kessler is going to be on the Growing Up Scared – Young Adults in Dark Fantasy panel (Hyatt-Montreal/Vancouver). I’m not sure which of those I’ll be able to make. We’ll have to see. But I really want to see Kessler, because I’d be thrilled to get my copy of Shades of Gray signed, and she does NOT have a signing listed on her schedule. *sad face*
  • At 4PM, the Art Show has an Artist Trading Card workshop (Hanover G). I’m not really an artist, but I’ve heard that there’s such a thing as Author Trading Cards, too, and I’d love to see a workshop on those.
  • Then, of course, I couldn’t miss An Evening at the Winespring Inn (Regency V), from the WoT track, at 10pm. I sure hope I’ll still be awake by then!

Sunday 9/5:

  • I bought my artist-husband a ticket to Stan Lee’s autograph session on Sunday, but they haven’t given a time for that so I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t conflict with…
  • Jim Butcher’s interview (Centennial I) by the Dark Fantasy Track at 10AM.
  • Then I have yet another conflict, as the Developing Characters Readers Never Forget panel (also attended by Cherie Priest) is at 2:30PM (Hyatt – Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong), as well as the first-ever Wheel of Time Mad Libs (Kennesaw). That’s REALLY a conundrum!
  • Then at 4PM is the Wheel of Time costume contest (Marriott – A601-A602). I don’t really have a costume, but I love to see all the shawls!
  • At 7PM there is a Wheel of Time Sword Form demonstration (International North).
  • And a Tower of Midnight fan discussion at 8:30PM.

Monday 9/6 is, sadly, the day we leave to return to normalcy.

And there’s several things I don’t have times or schedules for yet at all. I’m hoping Jim Butcher has a signing at some point, because I’d like to get my copy of Backup signed, and something for my sister for Christmas. (Shhh… Don’t tell her!) There’s also a quick sketch contest that the Art track is putting on, and dear Resident Artist would like to get in on that. As far as I know, though, they haven’t released a day or time. And I haven’t run across even a website for the Writer’s Track but I’m sure there are panels there that I’d like to see (and the one, above, on Sunday at 2:30PM may be part of their track, but I can’t be sure because I can’t find a schedule).

One also has to account for the requisite trips to the Art show for their limited edition prints from attendees, as well as to the exhibition and dealer’s halls.

And in case anyone would like those schedules…

The Art Show is open: Friday from 1 to 8PM. Saturday & Sunday 10AM to 8PM. And Monday from 10AM to 4PM.

Both the exhibit (there are two) and dealer’s halls are open: Friday from 1 to 7PM. Saturday & Sunday 10AM to 7PM. And Monday from 10AM to 5PM.

Further, the Guest Hospitality Suite (or Con*Suite), where you can score free snacks and drinks, is open: Thursday from 8PM to 1AM. Friday through Sunday 9AM to 6PM and again 8PM to 1AM. And on Monday from 9AM to 6PM. You need a valid ID if you visit between 8PM and 1AM. Not sure why.

This and more info can be found on the Dragon*Con website. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Daily Dragon either via RSS or Twitter so you don’t miss any updates!

That’s pretty much where you’ll find me all weekend, barring last minute changes to accommodate friends. The schedules I’ve linked to are mostly tentative, so they could be subject to change. Hopefully we’ll be getting the real-live programming grids soon. Keep your eye on http://dragoncon.org for more details.

If anyone would like to meet up with me (and I’d be completely flattered if you would!) in between any of the above panels, please feel free to either message me via Twitter (I’m @kiaras.) or email me at kiara @¬† this domain dot com. This domain being waitingforfairies.com, of course.