Authors Welcome

I don’t often weigh in on the various dramas in book blogging fandom. Most of the time,  I don’t care enough to get involved. This is my space,  and seeing as how it’s a very small one,  the drama doesn’t tend to make it here.

In this case,  however,  I have something to say.  The question of whether or not authors should comment on reviews and discussions of their work has been a hotly contested one for as long as there has been work to be read.  I’m sure even the first stories chiseled into a cave wall or painted on a vase invited their own criticism.

The question of whether it is wise for an author to respond to discussions of their work  is beyond the scope of this post.  (Note: It usually isn’t.)  But it’s also not my place to make that decision for an author.  If I post something publicly,  then I cannot be upset when the public – including the author –  responds.  If I didn’t want those responses,  I would have made it private.

Authors *are* fans. In some cases, authors are the ultimate fans. Can anyone argue, for instance, that Brandon Sanderson is not the ultimate Wheel of Time fan?  (Spoiler: not with me,  you can’t.) There is room in fandom for everyone,  including content creators.

On the other hand,  I don’t own fandom.  If I did,  you can believe I would be making some changes.  The great thing is that NO ONE owns fandom.  But I do own this space.  This is my world; I am Creator here.

And in my world,  everyone who can maintain civil discourse and type a coherent sentence is welcome,  regardless of age,  gender,  race,  sexual orientation,  religion,  creed,  ability,  fandom of choice,  and yes –  even publishing status.

Be you welcome and merry,  my friends.

Welcome to the Glade

Welcome to the new & improved Moonlit Glade. This site will still have resources for writers, but instead of highlighting contributed material the Glade will now focus on writer’s resources and my own work. I’ll be sharing the resources and techniques I use myself as well as the progress of my current project, the full length fantasy novel, Inferno.

As soon as I obtain permission from the authors, I will be making downloads available of the short stories that were highlighted here in the past. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

If you have questions or comments, I encourage you to leave me a message. I’ll be happy to reply. I look forward to hearing from you!