5 Authors I Just Found (Now You Should Too)

  • Simon R. Green – Now, I know Mr. Green has been writing for a very long time. I was, however, only recently lucky enough to find his Nightside series. Fans of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files should definitely check this out. It’s a bit darker, a bit less funny, but still excellent.  [link]
  • Rachel Caine – Ms. Caine has also been writing for awhile. I kept hearing great things about her Weather Warden series. When I finally picked it up (I’ve read the first two so far), I realized that I had been missing out. The cover blurb is correct, after reading about Joanne and the Weather Wardens – you’ll never watch the Weather Channel the same way again! [link]
  • Devon Monk – Ms. Monk is probably my favorite of this list. Her first two books in the Allie Beckstrom series are out now and you should run– not walk- to go pick them up now. She’s done such an interesting and unique twist for her magic system that it’s worth reading for that alone. [link]
  • T.A. Pratt – Mr. Pratt (yes, it was a surprise to me, too) has several books out in his Marla Mason series. I love Marla. She is a cold-blooded bitch when it comes to protecting her beloved city. Yet she’s a caring, warm person once we’re inside her head. My fingers are itching to pick up book #3 (it’s on my shelf right now), but I promised myself that I wouldn’t read them all at once.
  • Jackie Kessler and Caitlin KittredgeThis pair has written my third most anticipated volume of the year. (White Witch Black Curse and Naamah’s Kiss, thanks for asking). Black & White is the story of a pair of superheroes – one heroine, one villainess- written in tandem. I admit I’ve read nothing by either one of these ladies (yet), but the short story on B&N.com was enough to get me salivating. [link]

So there you go, head out and pick up some new books!