Would You Like To Guest Post? And Other Miscellanea

Okay, first off, I know it’s incredibly short notice. But. I’ll be out of town the week of May 24th and am interested in hearing from anyone who’d like to guest post on WFF that week, or possibly early the following week.  Readers, writers of the published or unpublished variety, or anyone vaguely interesting would be welcome. Topics should relate to books in some way, but I’m open to exotic variations. If you’re interested, email me at kiara AT waitingforfairies DOT com, and we’ll talk. We’ll work in some extreme pimp-age for your own website/Twitter feed/other (non-pr0n) site while we’re at it. And I’m open to returning the favor at a later date.

If I can manage to get some rest from all the overtime at Ye Olde Daye Jobbe and from family obligations, I’ll have reviews for you from:

  • Devon Monk’s MAGIC ON THE STORM [link]
  • And I still need to say a bit about Jim Butcher’s CHANGES (I think I’m still recovering from that one! Brutal!) [link]
  • As well as the fact that I’ve just received my copy of Peter V Brett’s DESERT SPEAR [link]

So I hope you’re all looking forward to that. I know I’m looking forward to having all that stuff written and the work gone from over my head. Ha!

The short story I promised my writing partner, which is now over a month late, I think (It was an arbitrary deadline, but a deadline nonetheless.), still continues, although slowly. But I’ll take any progress rather than none at all, at this point. I’ve promised myself 15 minutes a day on it. If, at the end of those minutes, I want to quit working, then I can. I usually don’t want to, but must, because I’m typically scribbling furiously in a tiny notebook during a coffee break at work.

Ah, well. A writer does what a writer must. Right?