Impromtu Contest: Vent Here to Win a Diana Rowland Book

Okay, folks. Diana Rowland is posting some gems over at her Twitter feed tonight, and she’s inspired me. So I’m holding an impromptu contest. I have an extra copy of her latest Blood of the Demon (Review here.) and I’m giving it away.

All you have to do to win is vent here. It can be about anything. What’s frustrating YOU lately? Get it off your chest and maybe win a free book*.

*Anyone can vent but I can only ship to within the US. Sorry. I’m poor & international shipping is expensive.

Edit: Contest will stay open through Monday evening EST.

12 Replies to “Impromtu Contest: Vent Here to Win a Diana Rowland Book”

  1. Okay I will be the only entrant!! My vent is about HTML code on the blog, it works half the time correctly and then half the time not so much. I hate it when I want to add some cool stuff and there is all this embedded link crud in it and instead of it even linking to the site that I got the widget from it takes you some place strange and completely off target. I have gotten smarter and try things on my test blog first but it still irritates when I want to use something that should be easy and straightforward and have to "fix it" before it works correctly!!

    I won Roadkill from you and at the time passed up Diana, this time would like the chance at her book. I am also going to share this and see if maybe will not be the only entry!!!

    jackie b central texas
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  2. What!?! No one is entering? I have heard nothing but awesome things about these books. I need to get the first one, but if I would win this one it will push me to get there faster. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Vent… I am going to vent on how people like to lie to get you to sign the contract, even when you ask the proper questions. They give you the wrong answers, then when you go back the answer changes. It was just to get you to sign with them. Aarrgh. Sorry, we have been trying to build a house and this is what seems to keep coming up with everyone, mortgage company and the builders. It just gets frustrating.

    Thank you for the moment to vent. Good luck.
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  3. Vent: I can say that lately it is the trend that is appearing in books about passing over the good guy for the guy who is going to control, demand, and leave you 4 or 5 times before finally giving in to his melodramatic need for you even though it is bad for you. Really, I want more girls like Lissa (on book 2) who actually pick the guy who is good for you despite what everyone else thinks. I call it the Twilight syndrome but really sometimes the "moody" guy is just not the better pick.

    Great giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ugh. The Twilight syndrome. Buffy had Broody McBrooderson in Angel, Natalie had the same with Nick Knight…though I like both those characters far better than Meyer's Edward, it is kind of a theme.

      I've read a couple of books lately where the heroine chose the guy who gave her the freedom to choose, rather the controlling, demanding one, and it's made me happy. Some authors do get it!
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      1. I think you're both right. It's a disturbing trend, especially for YA. (Then again, LJ Smith did the same thing in The Vampire Diaries & *I* turned out okay … eventually.)

  4. I find TSTL heroines very annoying. I've read many books, where I wanted to slap some sense into the heroine.

  5. I'm going to vent about my complete inability to focus. I have all these story ideas–and research I want to do for said story ideas–and I keep pulling myself six different directions trying to accommodate everything. What the hell, brain? Why can't I settle on one thing and go with it, at least for one day?

    So in the end I have something like 20 tabs open on a huge variety of subjects and…maybe 500 words written. I ROCK SO HARD.

    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest, Kia.

    1. I know how you feel! I have SO many projects and none of them complete! (Both in writing, crafts, organizing, work-related, website-related… *sigh*). And I have so many sites bookmarked to check out later… Except "later" never comes!

      All I've been wanting to do lately is go to bed early andcurl up with a David Eddings book that I've read dozens of times.

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