Reading Meme – Day Four

Day 04 – Your favorite book ever

I don’t honestly know if I can answer this question. I have lots of favorite books, and most of them are part of a series.

So I guess I’ll talk about my favorite volume among the books that I own.

You see, my husband for Christmas one year early in our relationship gave me the 1,248 page, leather bound deluxe edition of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

Here’s the cover:

Isn’t that just gorgeous? It’s got gilt edges and a satin ribbon bookmark and includes all the tragedies, comedies, histories, and every sonnet. I read one of them when my husband and I were married, even.

I know  some people think Shakespeare is over-rated. I’m  not one of them. I love the way he can appeal to both the intellectual and the “commoner” by using brilliant metaphors and not-so-veiled double entendres. I was always very pleased by the fact that, whenever we studied Shakespeare in school, I almost always understood immediately. Most people thought of Shakespeare as a “foreign” language, and I was proud to serve as “translator”.

So, there. My favorite book, of a sorts.