3 Replies to “Reading Meme – Day Thirty”

  1. Well. There are several reasons for that, I think.

    1) Kisten was yummy, good for Rachel, and I really do miss his influence in the books.
    2) Kisten's death was sudden. Matalina had been sick for a long time. Kim said flat out that she had been trying to get up the courage to kill her off for several books, so it's not like it was a surprise – and since she had barely been in several books it was almost like she was gone already.
    3) I kind of feel like the mystery behind Kisten's death was a little bit of a rip off. I mean – the killer was someone I don't think we ever met in the main timeline of the story – only in the shorts. So it seems like his death as a whole was sort of… wrong. And a let down.
    4) Matalina's death just happened in the last published book, so I don't think it's hit me fully yet.
    5) Did I mention Kisten was yummy?

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