Reading Meme – Day Twenty-Nine

Day 29 – Current book obsession

That’s not really even a question, is it? My entire world was altered by Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series. I have great friends and a loving husband because of this series. I was able to extract myself from a very bad situation because of the people I met because of this series. I’ve cos-played, traveled 8 hours by car to Atlanta (3 times!)  and even had a wedding ceremony at a convention for this series.

Sadly, Robert Jordan’s Wheel has moved past the rest of us lowly creatures, and he left us back in 2007 for great things in the next Turning. However, the successor chosen by Jordan’s widow, Harriet has given WoT fans every indication of a most satisfying, and true-to-the-series, conclusion. I don’t know a single Wheel of Time reader who won’t admit that Brandon Sanderson is this series’ absolute biggest fan. Which is as it should be.

Only one more book to go!