Reading Meme – Day Twenty-One

Day 21 – Favorite fictional romantic relationship

As opposed to non-fictional romantic relationship? Aren’t we talking about books here? … But enough of my sarcasm about how this one is phrased…

My favorite romantic relationship in a novel belongs to Allie Beckstrom and Zayvion Jones, as written by Devon Monk.

Zayvion values Allie for what makes her unique (still swooning over those fingerless gloves!), and Allie doesn’t wait for Zayvion to come and save her. Their differences are complimentary and they seem to value them (so far, the series isn’t complete). Plus, it’s an interracial relationship and for all of us involved in one, we still see too few of them in the media.

Plus, these books rock. Significantly – four books into the series they continue to rock. As a matter of fact, book #5, Magic at the Gate, came out November 2nd, so this is a great time to go out and pick up this series, if you’re so inclined.