Reading Meme – Day Twenty-Three

Day 23 – Most annoying character

Hm. This is a hard one. With the exception of certain Mary-Sues that shall remain nameless, I’m not sure that there are any characters I find annoying.

Except. I just thought of one.

Axis. Starman. From Sara Douglass’ series The Wayfarer’s Redemption, which is known as The Axis Trilogy in her native Australia.

This man annoys me to no end. I know he’s the hero. I know he’s semi-immortal. I also know that what he did to Faraday makes me want to strangle him, and pretty much made me want him to die for the whole rest of the series.

Yes, I still read the rest of the series. Because it was fascinating and intricate and I had to know how it ended. So there.