Reading Meme – Day Two

Day 02 – A book that you wish more people had read

I know I should take this opportunity to put forward a book that has some great social message. But instead, I will merely be selfish. The first book I thought of when I read today’s meme is really the first two books of a series: The Godslayer Chronicles books 1 & 2 by James Clemens.

Clemens’ The Band and the Banished series was an excellent and unique dark fantasy tale. One of the few epic fantasies with a truly strong female lead character, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very excited when The Godslayer Chronicles books started being released.

Clemens manages world-building on the level of Brandon Sanderson – though, sadly, I don’t know if he’s as consistent at it. Clemens also writes as James Rollins, but I haven’t read any of those books, and there is only the one full and this aborted series under the Clemens pen name.

I wish more people had read these books, for the sole reason that I want more of them. There, I told you it was selfish. The first two novels, Shadowfall and Hinterland, set up and introduced a bizarre new fantasy world with a multitude of characters that a reader can really get involved in (and attached to).

Sadly, the second book, Hinterland, was released back in 2006, and there have been no more volumes of this series since. I haven’t been able to find out any information on whether there will be forthcoming books, but considering the time delay, I’m thinking not. Which honestly puzzles the hell out of me, considering the first two books are still being sold at my local Borders bookstore. One would think that if the last book was released in 2006, and there are still copies on the shelf in 2010, that there must have been some success to the series. Otherwise, the books would have long-since been stripped and returned as unsold.

I am frustrated and sad at the lack of ending to this series. But, if I’ve tempted you at all, at least pick up this author’s completed series: The Banned and the Banished. It is complete, and thus has an ending so you won’t end up frustrated like me. The series contains: Wit’ch Fire, Wit’ch Storm, Wit’ch War, Wit’ch Gate, and Wit’ch Star. [Buy it at B&N.]

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  1. Hi Kiera

    I think this post from the James Rollins/Clemens forum might give a clue about the problem

    This is what is stated in the post:

    "Let me try explaining as to what could have possibly gone down. If you look at the acknowledgments section of both Shadowfall & Hinterland, you'll notice that Jim had different editors for both the books. Secondly both books did not sell as well as expected (this can be blamed a bit on the publisher front as they did not do any publicity for it).

    So now in 2006-07 the publishers were a bit hesitant about the third book & they would have to get a new editor on it as well. So they hemmed & hawed on it. At that very time Jim was approached to write the novelization of the 4th Indiana Jones movie.

    Now while he did have the free time on his hands Jim decided to go ahead with that project. As soon as 2007 ended his publishers were now alerted to his rising star due to his Rollins books and decided to ask him for the 3rd book. However by then Jim had already been signed on for the Jake Ransom [YA ] series and also for the Altar of Eden book.

    Now the main point over here is that Jim had once told me that he can manage to write 2 books per year [Rollins & Clemens] that's how he produced 2 books from 1998 to 2002 & again in 2006 & 07.

    However now with him being contracted for a solo tile & the YA series, the Clemens writing time was split up for these ventures. And after last year with his family issues cropping up, he managed 3 books[a stellar effort] however this year there will not be any release as he does not want to put out a sub par book.

    He's also writing a Horror-thriller series with Sarah Langan which will have 3 books out in 2011, 2012 & 2013. He's also contracted for a SIGMA book an year until 2012-13 & also for further 3-4 books in the Jake Ransom series. Now with all this writing to be done, he's really cramped for writing the GSC books.

    Now I would be more than thrilled if he were to stop writing any thing else and just churn out the remaining 4 books in the Godslayer Chronicles. However Jim's a professional & once he' s been contracted he will make sure that he fulfills his obligation. Its to his credit that his publishers have always had high praise for his writing skills and dedication.

    Also Jim has been writing some parts of the third book, whenever he has time but its a slow process & there's only so much time in a day. So to sum it all up, I don't know when GSC-III will be released but I know for sure that Jim will definitely do so."

    taken from

    The very first post on the 15th page.


    1. Hey, thanks a lot for that! I'm happy to know that one day we'll be getting this book (even if it sounds like it might take forever)!

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