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Happy Friday the 13th! The only remaining holiday that Hallmark doesn’t have a card for (please don’t disabuse me if I am wrong)!

  • It’s Mary Robinette Kowal’s birthday and she’s giving us gifts! Read her novelette here.
  • Lifehacker found a tool called Twine that lets you create your own Choose Your Own Adventure stories.
  • And this gif, via user zombiederf on Tumblr:

How to Miss Out On Great Books

I said in a recent review that I would come back and tell the story of how I came so late to the Retrievers novels and Laura Anne Gilman‘s Cosa Nostradamus world.

Retrievers #1

It’s really quite simple and easy, but if you’re curious, here is Kiara’s Guide to Missing Out On Really Great Books™ .

  1. Hold tight to your tropes.
    • When I first picked up Staying Dead back in 2004 or 2005, I was really big into Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. (We’re all youthful and naive at one point or another.) The genre was just getting big on vampires and werewolves and kick ass chicks in leather pants. Staying Dead had none of these things. Here was a book with a nervous heroine whose “super power” was being ignored. What kind of kick ass chick was THAT?
  2. Scoff at anything outside the “norm”.
    • Electricity as a magic power? That was just too… normal… to be fantasy. Fairies that weren’t tall and coolly elfin and romantically aloof? A heroine who not only had never killed anyone – or even beaten anyone up, from the look of it – but who was afraid of guns?
  3. Dis the romance. Overlook the other relationships.
    • One of the major elements, I think, in the Cosa Nostradamus series is the relationships. Sure, Wren and Sergei have “a thing” blossoming, and that’s the only place I looked at first. “Romance,” I thought to myself, disgustedly. “Who has any use for a heroine who can’t even figure out her love life? Or one who even NEEDS a love life?” But the beauty of this series is that it looks at the ways different people interact with one another. I mean – I’m sure the author didn’t give her main character the ability to be overlooked because she thought it would be FUNNY, you know? Sure, it’s useful for a thief, but what does it do to the person inside – the one who’s being ignored? That’s just one of the incredibly subtle ways that Gilman makes a statement in this series.
  4. Dismiss anything unique as “silly”.
    • A demon who looks like a polar bear? I admit it, I scoffed. Sure, it was cutesy. But he was supposed to be a “fucking demon” (to quote Jason Lee in Dogma). Never mind that this gives a character who could very easily become one dimensional a depth and richness that moves his story from trite to significant. No one takes a monster who looks like a cuddly stuffed animal seriously, after all. So neither did I; I didn’t look any deeper.
  5. Don’t give a decent book a second chance. Or even a first chance, if you can help it.
    • I’m ashamed to admit that I only read Staying Dead a second time because I won a signed copy in a contest and – after months of seeing it still sitting on my shelf – I guiltily decided that I’d better at least READ the damned thing before I found another home for it*. That, and because I agreed with so much of what the author was saying on her website. SURELY, if I liked her non-fiction blogging so much, there must be SOMETHING to like in her fiction too, right? So I decided to read it again.

This was in fall of 2010 and I was in a much different place than I had been. When I first read these books, I was single and bitter about it. I was lost, lonely, and was just starting to gain back some of the confidence and self-esteem that had been destroyed by a bad relationship. Now, I have been happily married for a handful of years and have learned to say things like “No” and “I don’t need you in my life”. Back then, I was happy with a two-dimensional heroine who had what I thought I wanted in life (ruthless ambition, a pair of leather pants, and the power to make sure no one ever hurt her again). The more mature me of now has decided she’d like a little real life (a little moderation, a bit more than a wee taste of fun, and most definitely no chafing from leather pants) in her fantasy, please, kthxbai.

Moreover, now that I have grown a bit older (no comments from the peanut gallery, please) and have begun to take myself more seriously as a writer, I can look deeper into the story and see the grace and finesse. Now, I can appreciate Gilman’s obvious experience as an author and what she’s trying to do as an artist. I had previously (idiotically) been dismissing the very things that make this series so interesting and unique. I’m now three books into the series and I’m waiting to get my hands on the fourth. The only reason I took a break is because my TBR shelf was giving me sullen stares when it thought I wasn’t looking.

So, kiddies, don’t be like me. Just because you’re not in English Lit anymore and just because genre novels aren’t the usual college fare doesn’t mean that you have to turn your brain off when you’re reading a novel. (Although that’s fun sometimes, too!) So pay attention, be on the lookout, and don’t forget to eat your Wheaties. Oh, and give the Retrievers a look. You might be as surprised as I was on your first (or second) time through.

*And in case you’re wondering: no, you can’t have my copy. I’ve changed my mind. It’s not going anywhere.


A Precious Gift, or How David & Leigh Eddings’ Books Taught Me to Be A Decent Human Being

I’ve done lots of stupid things in my life. I think just about everyone has. Regardless, I try not to spend a whole lot of time on regrets because if even one thing in my past were changed, I think the whole domino pile of craziness would collapse — and, well. I kind of like where I’m at now.

So I only really ever had one big regret, and it has nothing to do with past loves or big mistakes or foolish choices.

It is simply this: I never got to meet David or Leigh Eddings. If you’re not familiar with this King and Queen of Epic Fantasy (and why aren’t you?), then you’ve probably never read the series known as The Belgariad. Or the ones titled: The Mallorean, The Elenium, The Tamuli or the stand-alone The Redemption of Althalus.

The Belgariad in particular is a universal, coming-of-age, farm boy becomes a King kind of epic fantasy. Yes, that’s become a familiar trope but dare I say (and yes, I do) that even if Eddings did not do it first, then at least he did it best. This is a truly world-encompassing tale with sorcerers, knights, both benevolent and evil gods, and a pair of dueling prophecies that could shatter the entire universe with their opposition.

I admit it – I read this series when I was very young. I read it, and loved every bit of it. From the illiterate kitchen scullion to the fiery-haired princess to the magic-wielding aunt to the curmudgeonly old story-teller/sorcerer. I didn’t love it in the same (lesser) way that I enjoyed Dragonlance, which I read at about the same time. That was adventure, but this was something else.

The Belgariad is carried not by its plot (which is, though entertaining, fairly predictable for anyone familiar with the fantasy genre), but on the backs of its characters. Garion, our hero, is very young when the story starts and is essentially “raised” during the course of the books. From his practical old friend, Durnik, he learns the value of hard work and that the best course is always honesty. From the old storyteller, Belgarath, he learns that many things can be accomplished based on the way others perceive you. From the burly Barak, he learned swordsmanship; from the knight Mandorallen, bravery; from the spy Silk, cunning and wit; from the horse-lord Hettar he learned a sort of stoic justice; from Her Imperial Highness the Princess Ce’Nedra, he learned passion; from his impulsive friend Lelldorin, he learned  devotion. And from his aunt, the sorceress Polgara, he learned the value of boundless love.

As Garion learned these things… So did I. As I read of serpent queens and mad gods, I was also taught the value of self-worth, honesty, the real meaning of courage, practicality, and much, much more.

When I am exhausted, defeated or lonely, I come back to this story, these books (and, to my great satisfaction, I am not the only person I know who does this). The characters are all the oldest of my friends. Each one has a voice of their own in my head, and I could probably quote long portions or at the very least tell the whole tale without reference. It was only recently that I started to wonder at the fact that it seems very apparent that The Belgariad taught me how to be a good person. I am grateful for that, more grateful than even I could know, I think.

So it was with a heavy heart that I heard of Leigh Eddings’ death – on my birthday, no less – in 2007. Later, I read with real devastation the announcement of David’s own death in 2009. Gone were my heroes, the most beloved of the hundreds (thousands?) of authors I have read. I think it took me another year or maybe even two before I realized the full tragedy: I would never meet either of them, would never hear them speak at a convention or book signing, and I would never possess a signed copy of any of these books.

Until now.

Slip case and cover

A dear, dear friend who has often spoiled me far more than I truly deserve has done it yet again. (There is a reason, my dear Reader, that she was the best “man” at my wedding. We could find no better person – woman OR man.)


This is a Signed, Numbered, Hard Cover, Slip-Cased, Limited, FIRST edition of The Redemption of Althalus. Althalus is, of course, my favorite of Eddings’ work now that I’m an adult. The Belgariad is an old childhood friend that taught me everything I know about growing up. Althalus is the devious, incredibly fun friend of dubious morality – a perfect grown-up companion. Garion’s world is where I retreat when I’m feeling beaten. Althalus’ realm is where I go when I’m feeling sort of naughty*. (*In a “short-sheeting the bed” prank-y kind of way, not the Adults Only kind of naughty.)

I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve friends like this, but boy am I grateful for them. And? Not only do I have the one thing I never thought I would (which is the second best option to actually meeting David and Leigh, which would be sort of difficult at the moment), but apparently the dough that was ponied up for this book also went to benefit the people of Japan after their recent disaster(s). That, I think, would make Durnik awfully proud.

I’m not ashamed to say I cried when I realized what I was holding. I don’t think that even after this entire post that I can really express to you what it means to me to be holding a tiny piece of the history of two people that, despite my never having met them, made a very large difference in my life. It is a gift beyond measure, and I am doubly blessed that not only can I hold it, but that I have a friend who would go to this distance to put this most significant gift into my hands.

The only way I could think to repay her (since she would not accept anything else) was to share this story with you.

And Now For NEW Fiction From Leanna Renee Hieber!

An Exclusive new piece of fiction from the award winning, bestselling Strangely Beautiful series by Leanna Renee Hieber

February 13th, 1894, café La Belle et La Bete, London

It was late at La Belle et La Bete, and the rest of what was once the Guard- though they’d always think of themselves as the Guard- had gone home. Josephine cleaned up alone behind her smooth wooden bar, offering a few choice admonishments in French to the ghosts who wished to readjust her glassware. She heard the key in the front door lock and smiled, sliding a heaping glass of wine across the bar for the richly dressed blonde man in a foppish coat who strode towards her, a grin engaging his sharp features.

“Ah, ma cherie, and where have you been?” she asked, her French accent always heightened around him. Because he liked it.

“The rich have many errands,” Lord Elijah Withersby said with a lofty chuckle.

Her lover of nearly twenty years, Elijah was now five years her husband. The pretense that had hid them as a couple felt silly now, but they’d long kept their affair away from their unlikely band of six spectral police. Not because they cared about the opinion of their fated coterie, but because the Guard were dear friends and frankly the romantic dynamics between them had been wretchedly uncomfortable. A tangled mess of love triangles, none of them, save Josephine and Elijah, were requited.

But Miss Percy Parker changed all that in the fall of ‘88, had made their group of six into seven, among many other spectacular things. Her sweet and radiant presence too, had changed the dynamics of the Guard, allowing for love to take precedence for once, for all of them. Josephine would always cherish Percy most for that.

Elijah flopped down at the bar, making a face at The General, a resident ghost in a uniform of the late 1700s who had been drinking at that very spot for far longer than they’d owned the place.

“So, my sweet,” he began at a drawl, absently tapping his bejeweled rings on the stem of his wine glass. “You’ve been making broad hints about tomorrow and I’ve learned I ought not ignore a lady’s hints. Is there something I should be aware of, else I dash myself upon the treacherous rocks of feminine expectation?”

Josephine looked at her husband pointedly. “The date, tomorrow, Lord Withersby.”

“Ah, yes, the 14th of February. Wretched month, February.”

“This barkeep needs to know if she should mend and press her finery for an engagement or if she should keep her apron on instead to reluctantly serve the enamored coming through her doors.”

“Saint Valentine. The man was beheaded, you know. That’s romance for you. Beheaded, I say. There’s hardly anything known about him, why he’s all cherubim, hearts and arrows is a mystery. Perhaps he was known for marrying Christians but as for love notes, flowers and sweets; it’s the fault of Chaucer and this fool romantic age. Would you have me go to absurd lengths for Chaucer’s sake?”

Josephine shrugged. “For me.”

He arched an eyebrow. “For absurd French sentimentalism?”

“I don’t know about French sentimentalism any more than English.” She curved her lips at him. “But we French are better at the ways of love…” Her look had him shudder delightedly in his chair.

“That you are, my pet, that you are…”

“And it is a day marked to celebrate love, no matter how obscure or unrelated the traditions.”

“And so I should put stock in a calendar mandate of romantic notions?”

“Well, you have before. We live in a society run by men, dear, and men need calendar dates to remind them to attend to basic niceties for their women. I recall many nice things you’ve done for me on certain appointments.”

He leaned in over the bar. His cravat woven with shimmering thread and tied with a too-large bow bounced a bit as he spoke. “And since when am I predictable?”

Putting glasses on a shelf she replied over her shoulder. “Never. Not even in living with you, as your wife, do I dare make assumptions or take anything for granted. Why do you think, then, that I ask?”

As far as Josephine was concerned, they were only going about their fond verbal volley as usual. But Elijah’s face darkened, and his voice was a terrible murmur. “Because you think I’ll fail you.”

There was a disquieting silence. Oh, no, would he bring that up?

Josephine reached out but he drew his hand away. “No, cherie, of course not, you know-”

“Leave it.”

His tone gave her pause and she returned to cleaning.

Elijah had once- goodness was it fifteen years ago now- done something terribly unpredictable indeed. Abandoned the Guard. It was a mess. Being without their mentalist, had put them in danger and had cost a young life… But that was then. Elijah had repented, long ago thrown himself again at their feet and into Josie’s arms. She’d tried not to take on the guilt that had collared her when he left, after a private fight… Still, it had everyone second guessing Elijah then, and it still lingered like a ghost so many years later. Even haunting her.

She should know better, she thought, leaving Elijah to his glass of wine, dabbing oil on a rag to polish the ornate carved wooden corners of the bar shelves. She knew how his mistake pained him, and that the wretched event had indeed occurred in February, not too long from this date so marked by Victorian sentiment. She alone knew the depth of his burden but only he could truly reconcile it, and she prayed he someday would. The child that perished still quite truly haunted him, especially near the anniversary of his death. But that was Elijah’s journey, his cross to bear.

They each had their own private crosses.

Josephine pined for Paris and thankfully these days she was free to go on a whim. The Grand Work had tied her to London, and while never denying her French identity, she called herself a Londoner, loved the city, its people, and particularly her husband, this ridiculous second son of a marquess. But she’d been known even then to take a few discreet days in that magical city, to breathe deeply and cleanse her palette of the spectral weight the Grand Work heaped on their souls. As long as she wasn’t gone long and stored up paintings for the Guard to hang at the scene, her absence was not keenly felt. She herself considered that as the Artist, she was the least important of their group, though she’d be the only one to ever say so.

Getting away from the city would also do Elijah good, especially around this troubled time. She angled for a romantic excursion as much for his sake as her own need for beignets, baguettes and to gaze down at the Seine.

Hearing a step near the landing she whirled around, ready to say whatever she could to smooth the moment. Was he simply going to walk out? Would they pass an unspeaking night in two separate ends of his fine estate? They two were dramatic souls, passionate souls, there was always a tension, but never enough to overturn the love they’d fought for since their youth… They’d never have lasted this long if they weren’t made for one another… She opened her mouth to protest his departure but the bells on the door were already jingling.

Something near her, white and rectangular, caught her eye.

There was an envelope upon the bar.

The note read: “For partaking in absurd French sentimentalism. I do wish you’d trust me one day, Josie my love.”

Inside were two ferry tickets across the channel and first class train tickets to Paris. They’d leave in the morning. His errands that kept him from dinner were there in the envelope. Josephine couldn’t hold back her smile, or the tear that always came into her eye when he did these small yet profound things.

Maybe this year, she thought, her husband would return to London just a bit less haunted by his past than when he left. She hoped.

Regardless, Josephine’s heart was as buoyant as if cupid had skewered it with arrows and was flying away with it. She did trust him. With her life.


What’s next in the Strangely Beautiful series? Be sure to check out Michael and Rebecca’s novella in A Midwinter Fantasy, anthology available now in digital, releasing in Trade paperback in October. The next novel? A prequel! Learn the dangerous, heartbreaking how and why of the noble sacrifices made to clear the way for Miss Percy and Alexi’s destiny (and if you’re Elijah / Josephine fans, witness their first kiss) in The Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess releasing May 2nd in digital and Trade paperback, along with Strangely Beautiful books 1 and 2 reissued in Trade as well. Fall marks the launch of my new Gothic Victorian Paranormal series set in a 1880s New York City under the threat of black magic, MAGIC MOST FOUL (November 1st from Sourcebooks Teen Fire)

Keep track of the goings on:

Twitter: @LeannaRenee



Cheers and Happy Valentine’s Day!

BzzAgent Product Reviews for May/June

I’ve never done this before at Waiting for Fairies, but I figure – Hey, it’s my blog! I can do what I want!

Some of my readers already know that I participate in a website known as BzzAgent.

What is BzzAgent?

From the BzzAgent About Page:

BzzAgent creates a deep connection between consumers and brands to activate word of mouth across social and offline media. Through the engagement of our network of passionate, vocal and connected consumers, we provide companies the ability activate large-scale discussions, uncover hidden value, and drive measurable results. We believe in unpaid, unscripted ethical and authentic conversations (only!).

So what does that mean?

It means I sign up at the above website to get free products & coupons to try. I tell people about my experiences & review the products. I’m not obliged to like the product or to post a good review if I don’t honestly believe in it (kind of like with books! 🙂 )

I’ve never posted any of those product reviews at WFF before. Mostly because I had structured this site to be all about books. With the merging of Waiting for Fairies with the Moonlit Glade – and, thus, more personal posts – I feel freer to share these things with you.

I’m currently participating in three different BzzCampaigns. I have tried 3 separate & very different products recently, and now I share my experiences with you.

Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless

I received this product line free to try (foundation, concealer, the eye cover up and blush). The foundation container was incredibly hard to figure out how to open the first time (the Cover Girl website has instructions – I wish I’d received them!).

This makeup promises that the color will “float on top” of your fine lines & wrinkles. Well, I am only 30 and don’t have many of those, but I didn’t notice much of a difference – it doesn’t “minimize” so much as it just doesn’t “emphasize” fine lines. Which is probably about the best effect one can expect from makeup.

The Soft Honey shade that I was sent was a bit too dark for me (I am very, very fair); but since I wore it at an outdoor wedding, I have since darkened to match. (Haha.) I recommend (just as I would for ANY makeup) that you apply & blend somewhere with natural light. I applied it under florescent light at first and it blended horribly & didn’t look good at all. So get in a nice light where you can see what you’re doing. (This part may have been affected by the fact that the shade was too dark for me. Your results may vary.)

On the plus side, a little bit of foundation seemed to go a very long way, so while the container looks pretty small, I think it could actually last quite awhile. On the negative – the eye concealer didn’t seem to do much, so I had no use for it, and the blush was really dark (but blended well and I did use it). The correcter, on the other hand, was great!

I was pleased with the moisturizer in the foundation, as my skin is also very dry. My skin felt better after a couple of days wearing this foundation. Overall, I think the product is certainly worth the money and I will be purchasing it to use again (perhaps in a shade lighter this time).

Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean Power Sprayer

I have to admit that I don’t do much cleaning around the house. Most of that is done by my husband, who is proud to be a house”wife”.  With that said, we both tried out the power sprayer part of it on the shower, because the automatic trigger was pretty cool. It was simple and easy to use – just pull back on the trigger & you get a continuous spray of cleaning product. No more wearing out your finger just spraying the bottle!

I didn’t stick around for the wiping down part of things, though. I’m not that kind of a wife. *laugh* But I quizzed J most thoroughly on the subject and he said that it was very easy to wipe off and cleaned the shower just as well as any other product on the market. He was extra impressed with the way the product cleaned the sink area – so impressed he even used it on the floor! And it did an excellent job on that, too.

What I liked most about it, though, was the smell. I’m sensitive to the scents of most chemicals, so the bleach-and-Pine Sol combination that J usually uses in the bathroom gives me headaches. I was thrilled at the pleasant, not-chemical-y scent of this. In my opinion, that’s worth purchasing it for alone.

göt2b smooth operator

I received a free coupon for a container of mousse for this campaign – which I have to admit that I haven’t picked up yet. However, I was also sent something they call a “Lustre Lotion“, which I have used.

This lotion is supposed to:

  • Shape, Smooth and Control Fly-aways.
  • Impart an Amazing Weightless Lustre and Softness.
  • Protect against Damage from Heat Styling and Contains a UV Protectant.
  • Control, Silken and Splurge with this Smoothing Lotion.

And I’d have to say it did everything admirably except the “lustre and softness” part. My hair doesn’t feel any softer or look any shinier after using it (and perhaps it might feel a tiny bit less soft than it did).

However, it did tame the fly-aways in my very fine hair on an extremely hot and humid day. And it did that without weighing down my hair or making it look greasy or like I was using “product”. With that and the UV protection (I don’t heat style), I’d say it’s worth using. Especially since it smells pretty amazing, too!


So those are the products I’ve tried lately and my thoughts on each of them. As I mentioned earlier, I do have several really good coupons for each of these products. If you’d like to try them, leave me a comment and a contact email so I can get your mailing address. I’ll send the coupons anywhere a US 1st class stamp will take them (so, US addresses only). First come, first serve and I’ll close the comments on this post at the end of the week.

4.0 out of 5 stars Overall, worth the $., June 2, 2010

I’m another BzzAgent and received this product line free to try (foundation, concealer, the eye cover up and blush). The foundation container was incredibly hard to figure out how to open the first time (the Cover Girl website has instructions – I wish I’d received them!).

This makeup promises that the color will “float on top” of your fine lines & wrinkles. Well, I am only 30 and don’t have many of those, but I didn’t notice much of a difference – it doesn’t “minimize” so much as it just doesn’t “emphasize” fine lines. Which is probably about the best effect one can expect from makeup.

The Soft Honey shade that I was sent was a bit too dark for me (I am very, very fair); but since I wore it at an outdoor wedding, I have since darkened to match. (Haha.) I recommend (just as I would for ANY makeup) that you apply & blend somewhere with natural light. I applied it under florescent light at first and it blended horribly & didn’t look good at all. So get in a nice light where you can see what you’re doing. (This part may have been affected by the fact that the shade was too dark for me. Your results may vary.)

On the plus side, a little bit of foundation seemed to go a very long way, so while the container looks pretty small, I think it could actually last quite awhile.

I was pleased with the moisturizer in this, as my skin is also very dry. My skin felt better after a couple of days wearing this foundation. Overall, I think the product is certainly worth the money and I will be purchasing it to use again (perhaps in a shade lighter this time).

Authors I Admire: Robert Jordan

I’m introducing a new series here at MG, one that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. These posts will focus on authors I admire and why. It could be something related to their writing or something they’ve said or done outside of their books.  This series of posts will tell you, in detail, which authors I believe are worth the admiration.

The first author would, of course, have to be Robert Jordan. No other author has done more to change my life.

Robert Jordan was the author of The Wheel of Time series. He passed away from illness in September of 2007. The epic fantasy Mr. Jordan left incomplete will be finished by Brandon Sanderson, an author I’m sure we’ll see later on in this series. To read about his life and his passing, in both his own words and those of his fans and family, please go here.

As I said, Mr. Jordan has done more for me than any other author out there. It was his writing that hooked me first. I was going through a bad time in my personal life and I went out and found the longest series with the thickest books that I could find. I don’t believe anyone can deny that The Wheel of Time fits this requirement.

Not only did the story absorb and distract me in difficult moments, but something possessed me to go out into the digital world and try to find a community of people I could talk to about Jordan’s work. I needed, at that moment, to find people of like mind. To be blunt, it was a desperate time for me and I needed friends.

The Wheel of Time community at Dragonmount became that and much more to me. At the forums there, and on the WoT (as fans lovingly call the series) mailing list, I founded friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I adopted two sisters, a circle of friends… And it was there that I met my husband. I would say “love of my life” but that phrase is so cliché as to be embarrassing. (It does not make it less true, however.)

These people helped and supported me while I was busy dragging myself out of the mire of a terrible time in my life. And I owe it all to the words and wisdom of Mr. Robert Jordan.

Of course, maybe your life right now is fine and dandy. So why should you go out and pick up what is probably the most anticipated series in the world – one that’s still not quite finished? The answer is this: because inside the fantasy trope  of a young farmer who is trying his best to save the world from evil there is love and laughter, strife and pain, longing and disaster. Mr. Jordan wrote about life in a way that tells you unequivocally that he lived it.

May the Mother’s embrace have carried you home on wings of gold, Mr. Jordan. We still miss you.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Want to get to know me? Here are a few of my favorites.

Favorite author(s)?

Kim Harrison, Faith Hunter, Anne Bishop, James Clemens, Jim Butcher, and childhood favorite David Eddings

Favorite food?

Longhorn’s 8oz. Renegade sirloin, well done, with Texas cheese fries and the deep fried cheesecake for dessert. Mmmmm.

Favorite color?

Purple, black, crimson

Best time of day?

Mid- to- Late morning. I’m useless until I’ve had my caffeine, but if I wait too long to work I let myself get distracted.

Favorite season?

Fall. I’d say spring, but I have terrible allergies.

Most unusual hobby?

American Tribal bellydance

Want to know more? Leave a comment with your questions.